About Us

Create Partnerships brings together a unique portfolio of high quality brands for the outdoor environment, all sharing the same philosophy for delivering high quality products with superior customer service.

Although operating as autonomous, self-determined businesses, all companies within the portfolio have as their common hub Paul Collings, who has been working within the external environment since 2000 when he set up Timberplay, one of the most respected names within the play industry.

Representing German play specialists Richter Spielger├Ąte within the UK, Paul submerged himself within the play culture, learning about the value of risk within play and promoting a new approach to play which was radically different to that currently on offer within the UK. The company grew from strength to strength, operating throughout England and Wales and working on several prestigious play developments, including the Princess Diana Memorial Playground, Heartlands, Alnwick Gardens, Chatsworth House and Castle Howard.

Identifying the need for more landscape led, lower budget solutions for the Early Years Education setting, Paul then established Playgarden to work with primary schools and nurseries to create open ended provision to support learning objectives.

In order to offer complementary product ranges that dovetailed with the high quality of the existing Timberplay range, Paul established a relationship with Santa & Cole, designers of street furniture and lighting of exceptional quality. The design ethos of the company reflected the core values of Timberplay and All Urban was established to present their products to UK Landscape Architects and Town Planners.

Lightmain offer sports and skate installations, with a range of solutions to suit the budget and requirements of each individual projects. With a proven track record for delivering high quality installations they were suited to come into the Create Partnerships family.

Paul is also a board member of Nature Play and Timberplay Scotland, both of which represent Richter Spielger├Ąte in Ireland and Scotland respectively.